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Repairs, Relines & Tooth additions


Fortunately we can generally repair around 99% of denture breakages.  If the denture has broken while in your mouth, then it's important to investigate the root cause and determine if your denture is still suitable for you.

But, in either case make sure you do not :

  • Do not try adhesive in any sort!
  • Do not try and use the denture as any sharp edges can cause injuries.
  • Do not loose the broken part!


Re-attaching tooth to Full upper denture

Re-attaching tooth to Full upper denture


All dentures can become loose after 2 to 3 years due to natural bone resorption (which varies from patient to patient). In such cases it is important to get your dentures refitted/realigned to reduce any damage on the soft tissue.

Tooth Additions

For clients with partial dentures, it's possible to add additional teeth in the event that you undergo additional extractions after your initial denture is made.

For full denture clients we can also re-insert or repair broken teeth. Do not loose the broken tooth!