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Immediate Dentures

If you're about to loose your teeth immediate dentures are your best option to recreate your smile  as soon as possible after your procedure.

Immediate dentures are a transitional denture that allows you to have the denture fitted at the time your teeth are extracted.  You will leave the dentist with your smile intact!

How long do they last?

Generally we recommend to replace them with a new denture within 12 months. Your immediate denture can generally still be used as a spare for 3 - 5 years.

Some clients find they work well for them for a 2 to 3 years but this depends your gum health and how your responds to the extraction.

What is the process?

Before you get an immediate denture you will need to visit your dental practitioner and get a referral identifying which teeth are going to be extracted.

Once you have your referral:

  • Schedule your first appointment where we take the first impression and organise the remaining appointments so you can coordinate your extraction with your dentist.
  • Once the booking are organised we take second impressions and select the shade and form of teeth you desire.
  • Once your denture is ready you can pick it up from the clinic and take it to your dentist for the extraction procedure.
  • A week after the procedure you have your post extraction checkup with us.
  • At 3 weeks you have a second check up and any adjustments are made as required.
  • After 2 to 3 months you have your denture relined and re-fitted with a further checkup 2 weeks after that.

if you need more adjustment to your denture you must notify your dental prosthetist.