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About Matthew

Having qualified as a dental technician in 1996, Matthew built his experience in dental material, technology and management over many years and published a book about all these experience at 2004.

His book included comprehensive information about establishing a dental laboratory with highest quality standards and covered infection control, the design of dental labs design equipment requirements, heath and safety considerations for dental practitioners along with the importance and role of joining dental associations. It also covered business subject including management of a dental practice and advertising.

In 2008 He commenced training at the RMIT University to become a qualified Dental Prosthetist.

Upon completion of his training Matthew was awarded J. Michael Hannon Prize 2009 for the most outstanding dental prosthetic student in the advanced diploma at RMIT University (Awarded by the Australian dental Prosthetist association Victoria.)

Matthew is widely regarded for his attention to detail and his ability to create dentures with a natural appearance. He usesĀ  high quality artificial teeth and the latest dental materials.


  • Adv. Dip. DP (RMIT)
  • Adv. Dip. DT (ADU)
  • Dip. Exp. Science
  • Certification:
  • Certificate in Success Injection System
  • Certificate in ITI Implant system
  • Certificate in Locator Implant System
  • Certificate in Verse Acryl Material
  • Certificate in IPS Classic
  • Certificate in IPS Impress Layering Technique
  • Certificate I AND II in IPS Impress
  • Certificate in Ceram co II
  • Certificate in Vita ceramic